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Field Status

WSA Field Policy - Keep Our Players Safe
During inclement weather coaches and officials need to be prepared for dangerous situations and be aware of the changing weather.

Any evidence of lighting and the game or practice must be suspended for 30 minutes and all players, coaches and fans must be cleared to a safe location such as cars, safe structures, or a building.

Thunder is the first evidence that lighting is in the area. At the first sound of thunder suspend play and start the clock. If there is additional lighting or thunder that will cause the delay to be greater than 45-minutes, the game or practice will be called at that time.

For games that are in the first half, they will be rescheduled and made up. For games that have already reached halftime, the score at that time is final.

Please take notice of severe weather in your area and have a plan in mind before starting any activity.

For practice, parents must stay so players have a safe place to go. Some locations have additional safety options, such as the concession stand overhang or wood picnic pavilion at the Rec Center.

St. Johns has a parking garage at the end of the parking lot across from the field that would be very safe. School sites normally have an entranceway with an overhang that would provide good cover.

In the event of much more severe conditions such as tornado, you must have a safe building to go in.

Never stand on grass. Always stand on concrete as lighting will travel underground. 
It is critical that the adults in control of the situation make good decisions for the safety of all players.

Ultimately the official in a game setting has the call. Please help our young referees when playing in bad weather.

Each year 80 to 100 people will be killed by lightning in the US and many hundreds are injured by lightning strikes. Lightning strikes can travel many hundreds of yards underground and still cause severe injury. Buried wires that are not obvious on the surface could be right under your feet along with metal objects such as fences, goal posts, benches, flag poles, etc. These are very dangerous to be around in severe weather.

Keep our players, coaches, refs and fans safe. Use good judgment.

Inclement Weather Procedures

In the event that weather moves in after a formal decision is made to keep the fields open then the decision falls onto the individual coach and parent for continued participation. 

For Parents: If storms are present in the area, please do not leave your child unattended. Should storms roll in after the practice has started, the following areas may be considered an area of shelter. Please take time to educate your child on the areas. 

  • Porter Fields: Convenient plaza across the street from Porter field is a temporary shelter area 
  • Rec Center: The Picnic Pavilion is a shelter from the rain, the restrooms and the Rec Center can be shelters from storms.
  • St Johns: Parking Garage

For Coaches: Should lighting be present during a Development Practice, the practice is to be canceled. 

Should lighting be present during a Travel Practice, the Practice should be halted for 20 minutes and then resumed, weather permitting. If lighting is present for a 2nd time, the practice is to be canceled.

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