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WSA Partners with Force Sports for Training Support

WSA is excited to announce a partnership with Force Sports for both boys and girls recreational and travel soccer. 

As an association, it is our mission to provide appropriate training opportunities for players of all ages and ability levels to advance individual and team development within our programs. All of our initiatives are focused on developing skills that our players will take with them to their next soccer experience. Lose, win or draw, our players come away from games and each season with more fitness, knowledge and experience than if they hadn’t participated.

For recreational play, Force Sports trainers will lead weekly practices and games. The ratio of player to trainer will be around 12:1, which represents a significant improvement over past partnerships. The trainers will focus on teaching young players ball skills, coordination and agility. They will teach skills development, foot skills, and ball control as well.

For travel play, Force Sports trainers will support and assist travel coaches as needed.

 "Westlake Soccer Association is excited to partner with Force Sports," says Alan Duffy, WSA's Travel Commissioner. "This relationship will offer new opportunities for our community to grow the game of soccer and provide consistent, reliable pros throughout the season."

This partnership does NOT represent an affiliation with the Force.  WSA remains an independent community-based soccer association that is operated by a volunteer Board of Directors and coached by volunteer parents. 

"This partnership represents an investment by WSA both in our programs and in Cleveland-area coaching talent that is consistent with our mission of promoting the sport of soccer," adds Duffy.